Custom eLearning

Facilitador®’s passion for learning translates into instructionally sound, highly creative and interactive custom eLearning programs that support business objectives while yielding motivated learners who retain and effectively apply the knowledge learned to the job.

Our Knowledge into Action framework is a set of guiding principles used when designing any custom eLearning program. We have developed this framework over the past 14 years working with some of the world’s most innovative organizations in multiple verticals ranging from manufacturing, software, financial services, insurance, contact centers and retail.

Guiding Principles of our Framework



How will the learners use the knowledge when they are back on the job?


Instructional Strategies

What instructional strategies are best suited for the type of knowledge needed to be taught given any workplace constraints?


Application Strategies

What strategies can we incorporate to facilitate the knowledge at the point(s) of need?

Our Knowledge into Action framework is a set of guiding principles used when designing any training program

You can provide us with content, or we can create content from scratch to build:

  • eLearning

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Educational

  • Instructor-led

  • Mobile Learning

  • Blended


eLearning courses tend to forget the most essential key to successful learning transfer: how will the learners actually use the knowledge imparted after the course is taken?

Download a free copy of our Project Management eLearning whitepaper or our Developing eLearning Internally whitepaper. Get an eLearning demo. Watch a visual representation of our eLearning development process.

Our elearning courses are first and foremost concerned with how learners will use or apply the knowledge to improve themselves and their company. Our solutions are designed to facilitate the application of knowledge. In addition, our courses have been used to educate vendors, suppliers, partners, resellers, and customers: to inform partners of a new product, convey product changes to your sales team, announce a new service to your customers … The possibilities are endless! Contact us today to learn more from our elearning experts.

Virtual classroom sessions can easily end up being “information dumps” if they are simply recreations of the traditional classroom.

Get a virtual classroom demo. Watch a visual representation of the virtual classroom development process.

Our expertise lies in making sure that your live online training initiatives account for the lack of body language and social and visual cues to maximize engagement and facilitate the application of knowledge. Regardless of what platform you use (Adobe Connect, WebEx, Blackboard, etc.) we can create all the collaterals to make your live event a success, help deliver the sessions or train your trainers.

Educational games engage us to learn, act, fail, and repeat this process towards the achievement of a self-accepted goal, out of our own free will or volition.

Read a recent article by Dr. Michael Aumann on Why Pay Attention to Games? To learn more about how we can use gamification strategies to your advantage, contact us.

The reason is because games have the ability to appeal to our intrinsic desires or motivators. Facilitador® can help you create educational games or elements of gamification into your training and development programs.

In some instances, traditional instructor-led training makes sense as a stand-alone or as part of a blended approach.

Contact us to learn more about our approach to engaging instructor-led training that ensures the successful application of knowledge.

Facilitador® can help you create interactive and dynamic face-to-face training sessions based on adult learning theories. Our sessions follow a performance-based approach that rely on hands-on practice, skill acquisition and mastery, and immediate feedback loops.

Support Learners.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your mobile learning solutions.

As smartphones and mobile devices become more prevalent, more opportunities to deliver just-in-time knowledge are available to support individuals in their job performance. Facilitador® can help you define and create a mobile learning solution to support your learners anywhere, anytime. We can make all of your courses available in mobile devices by using designs that adapt to a wide range of mobile devices as well as a desktop monitor.

In some cases, a single delivery method might be inadequate to meet your needs and objectives.

Contact us to learn how we have helped organizations create and deploy blended learning solutions that have improved organizational effectiveness and reduced costs.

Our expertise lies in determining the best delivery format combinations that will lead to the successful application of the knowledge.

As a custom eLearning development company, we are technology agnostic and can work with any authoring tool and Learning Management System (LMS) to make sure that your custom eLearning and training and development solutions accomplish their objectives. We can either create and deploy complete, end-to-end custom e-Learning solutions (outsourcing), collaborate with your internal resources to create only those individual components needed (a-la-carte), or equip your team with the necessary expertise to develop and deploy solutions internally (insourcing).