Facilitador®s expert trainers can create and deliver customized train-the-trainer workshops — onsite or remotely — in the following areas:


e-Learning Development Project Management

Our project management approach to developing eLearning has become the standard among Fortune 500 companies and our YouTube video, eLearning Project Management in Under 10 Minutes, is the top video on the topic worldwide.


Applying sound instructional design to your virtual classroom

Developing training materials for the virtual classroom is not the same as for face-to-face delivery. The lack of visual cues and body language lends itself to challenges as well as for creative solutions to solve for them. Our approach is based on years of experience working with virtual workforces across the globe.


Delivering effective and engaging virtual classrooms

Our virtual classroom best practices have become the most watched video on You Tube on the subject. Watch our video, How to Deliver an Engaging Virtual Classroom Presentation in Under 10 Minutes.

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